Milk options for your coffee machine

Milk_glassConsidering a coffee machine for your office or catering business? First, think about what type of milk you’d like to offer with your coffee, as different machines take different milk types.

Fresh milk

Most coffee drinkers would agree that fresh milk gives the ultimate taste and creaminess, and offers the best all-round experience. It’s suitable for use in top of the range coffee machines, which have separate containers for milk.

Advantages: superior taste

Disadvantages: difficult to keep and store as requires constant refrigeration

UHT milk

UHT milk is fresh milk that’s been heat treated to give it a longer shelf life. Unopened, it does not require refrigeration making it easier to store. Again, it can be used in some coffee machines which have separate containers for milk. It’s also commonly served in individual pots for stirring into coffee once brewed.

Advantages: long shelf life, ambient storage temperature

Disadvantages: inferior taste to fresh milk, requires refrigeration or quick usage once opened

Powdered milk/coffee creamer

Powered milk is fresh milk that’s been dehydrated to powder form. It’s very stable and easy to transport and keep, and has a long shelf life. The ingredients of coffee creamer, sometimes called coffee whitener, can vary, but usually involve powdered milk and added oils, to give a creamier, fresher taste. These types of milk are commonly found in coffee machines, as they don’t deteriorate quickly once opened.

Advantages: Easy to store, slow to deteriorate

Disadvantages: Tastes inferior to fresh milk


Moouw is a new product from Denmark, a powdered milk that’s been specially developed to match fresh milk in aroma and taste. This unique product is made from a mix of skimmed milk and full fat milk powder, and allows customers to enjoy the convenience of powdered milk with a fresh milk taste.

If you’d like to learn more about Moouw, or to browse our range of powdered milk and coffee creamers, please visit our coffee ingredients page.