Keeping coffee hot for bonfire night

flasksIf your catering company, pub or restaurant is running or catering for a bonfire on November 5th, then it’s time to think about how to serve hot drinks at your outdoor event.

The ideal solution is to have electricity and running water available, to enable you to operate as normal, but that might not always be practical from a logistical or cost point of view.

Other options include catering vacuum flasks. more commonly known as Thermos flasks after the best-known manufacturer, vacuum flasks are insulating storage flasks that keep the contents hot or cold. They consist of two flasks, one placed inside the other, and both joined at the neck. The space between the two flasks is emptied of air, leaving a partial vacuum which prevents heat transfer. There are many styles and models on the market today, specifically designed for commercial use. These include large-capacity dispensing flasks, operated by a lever or handle, and smaller thermos jugs which are designed to be picked up and poured. Any commercial flask should keep the contents hot for between six and ten hours, and they’re a relatively inexpensive option that will last for years.

Alternatively, if you have access to power, perhaps from running an extension lead, but not mains water, you could consider a manual fill water boiler. These require a permanent electricity supply, but don’t need a plumbed-in water supply. They’re available in different capacities, normally 10 litre, 20 litre and 27 litre to suit the scale of your function, and will keep water at boiling point for as long as you need it. If you have the choice, they’re a better option than thermos flasks as the coffee is brewed freshly as needed, rather than being made in advance and stewing.

However you choose to keep your coffee hot on bonfire night, make sure that you start out with the very best in coffee beans for a perfect drink. Browse our range of coffee beans, coffee accessories and coffee ingredients at