Is this the death of the office tea round?

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Once upon a time, the tea round used to be ubiquitous in every office across the country. Some larger companies employed a special tea lady, the rattle of whose approaching trolley was the signal for meetings all over the building to draw to a hasty close before all the custard creams went. In smaller companies, it was the job of the most junior member of staff to make drinks for everyone at regular intervals. Now, though, it seems that the office tea round may start to be a footnote in the history books as a new survey reveals that almost half of office workers prefer to head outside for a takeaway drink.

According to research by The Office Coffee Company, 47% of staff now head for the high street rather than the office kitchen, and only a third of offices actually supply a kettle for workers.

The reasons for this change in coffee drinking habits are multiple, but one major factor is that discerning coffee drinkers are no longer satisfied with a mug of grainy instant brew when the high street boasts a plethora of places to buy a top quality cappucino, latte, Americano or espresso. This is great news for new job starters, who might previously have felt they spent the majority of their working lives trying to remember everyone’s milk and sugar preferences!

This increasing interest in coffee is reflected in the popularity of the London Coffee Festival, a celebration of the captial’s love for coffee. Artisan coffee suppliers, demonstrations and Coffee Masters, the new barista competition with a £5,000 cash prize, make this an event with a real caffeine buzz about it.

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