Interesting Uses For Coffee

If you are looking to use the coffee for other pleasures than drinking (although that new fancy
coffee machine of yours, or those luxury coffee beans you just bought are calling your name
and beckoning you to make a cup as you read this, we are sure!) you can try the following.


Coffee makes for great soil, so if you live in the countryside, or have a compost in the city, make
sure to throw used coffee granules in there. Plants that thrive in acidic environments, such as
blueberries, are particularly fond of soil made from coffee.

Cellulite Killer

Most big brands have caffeine in their cellulite cream, so instead of spending the big bucks
on those creams a long known remedy is to mix coffee with a little bit of olive, or coconut oil
and rub it in, in circular motions. Then you just rinse it off with warm water. Works great as an
exfoliant as well.

Get Rid Of Odour

If you have been peeling an onion, or chopping up some garlic your hands may smell for days.
To get rid of the unpleasant smell you can rub your hands in some used coffee grounds. You
can also put a bowl of fresh unused coffee grounds in the fridge to get rid of any unfresh odour
in there. Or just simply because you like the smell!

Repel Ants & Cats

If you have a nice lovely garden that has been getting visits from ants and cats, that may have
decided to move into your house as well, you can potentially repel them by sprinkling dry, used
coffee grounds in problem areas. If there’s soil around the problem area, you can pour a whole
pot of brewed coffee on the soil.

Vase Fillers

Coffee beans can be used as a decorative item by filling vases with them, as you would sand,
or any other vase filler. Then you can insert candles, or whatever other decorative items. Bear
in mind you don’t want a candle to burn right down to the coffee beans! You can make pencil
holders as well by filling old jars with coffee beans that you then stick your pencils in. Great for
leaving your house smelling lovely too!

We hope this gave you some inspiration!