Impress your clients with Suprema coffee beans

CAF_VE~1Every company these days is looking for ways to cut their expenditure without compromising on quality. While some cost savings are easy to find and implement, it’s worth investing some money and effort in a welcoming reception area, as this is often clients’ first impression of your company. Likewise, offering customers a hot drink on arrival is a worthwhile gesture, as it helps them feel more relaxed and welcome while waiting.

If you’re offering coffee, it can be a false economy to use poor quality coffee beans as it won’t create a good impression with your customers – you don’t want them to remember you for all the wrong reasons. If you’ve taken the plunge and installed a commercial coffee machine in your reception area, customers will already have access to a great cup of coffee, but it is possible to make some savings on ingredients without any impact on the quality of the drinks.

Most coffee drinks made in a machine start with an espresso base, which is then customised to become a cappuccino or Americano, so using good quality espresso beans is a must. For a long time, the market leading brand has been Lavazza, but now there’s another option. Suprema is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, and yields a rich, aromatic full-bodied espresso. A unique blend with distinctive characteristics, Suprema is well balanced and produces an excellent crema. With a very full body, high acidity, a floral aroma and chocolate flavour, Suprema is a top quality blend that retails at around two thirds of the price of Lavazza, starting at only £7.95 for a one kilo sample bag.

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