Iced Coffee, Tea and Chocolate

Summer is coming (at least we hope so once the snowstorms and other great weather conditions fade away!) and iced drinks will show up on all the coffee shop menus around town as soon as the first rays of the sun show up. In London everyone will eagerly look around for their sunglasses and head to the park to try to get some vitamin D and a tan, but as they slurp away on their drinks some of them will get irritated after a while. Why? Because the delicious drink they bought has now turned into one watery mess as the ice cubes have melted. It’s stayed nice and cool, but they as a result the taste has been compromised. Thankfully there’s a solution for this.

Have you ever thought to freeze milk, coffee, chocolate and tea so that when you make drinks you can add ice cubes that melt into the drink instead of diluting the drink? This will ensure the drink retains its flavor.

You can also make a drink where the ice is part of the flavor. For example you can freeze coffee and pour some Baileys on top! Or you can pour cold chocolate on top for a mocha kind of flavor. There are endless ideas for various blends.

For decorative purposes it can also be nice to freeze ice cubes with flowers, candy, or other decorative items. A lemon iced tea with lemon slices frozen into ice cubes of water, or tea can look fabulous.

You can be as creative as you like with your iced drinks adding cream and various decorations on top as well.

There is nothing nicer than a cold drink on a hot sunny day, so if you make yours taste great, whether serving your customers, kids, friends, or significant other, you are sure to be remembered.