How to store green coffee beans

Green coffee beansIf you’ve decided to start roasting your own green coffee beans, whether at home or commercially, you can be confident you’re getting the freshest possible flavours when you brew a cup of coffee.

There’s no point roasting and grinding your own coffee, though, if the green coffee beans you’re using aren’t in tip top shape.

Always buy good quality beans, and never store them in the fridge or freezer, even in sealed containers, as raw coffee beans are less robust than roasted and don’t cope well with excess moisture.

Raw coffee beans prefer moderate humidity, mild temperatures, and breathable storage conditions. Storing them in ventilated containers in a room that’s not subject to large shifts of temperature, such as a utility room or cool, windowless store room, works best. Try not to store them in a kitchen, particularly a commercial kitchen, as the heat and moisture will cause them to deteriorate.

Store your green coffee beans out of direct sunlight, which can cause condensation, and prefably keep them in hessian sacks or other bags made from natural, open weave fabric. If you’re planning to keep the beans for a long time before using them, sealed containers may be better, but store them somewhere cool and dry and check them regularly for any telltale signs of damage.

Properly stored in this way, the green coffee beans should last well for up to a year, although it’s better to buy them in smaller quantities and roast and use them quickly to make sure you retain the fullest amount of flavour. If you need to buy beans in large, commercial quantities, why not take a look at our Tunki green coffee beans, which come individually sealed in 1kg bags to keep them fresh and full of flavour? Visit our coffee beans page for more information.