How to Serve Coffee, Tea and Other Drinks in Style!

Now you may run a coffee shop, or a tea shop…you may serve a pot of tea, or a hot chocolate only for yourself, or you may like entertaining guests with a good cup of Joe. Whatever way around, sometimes it is nice to make it extra special. Treat yourself, or your guests to something extra. Often it’s actually ourselves we forget to treat nicely. We wait for that one day when we will go to a five star resort, or leave the kids to the nanny, or, or, or…but as a matter of fact we can make things a little bit more special every day.

As with food, drinks will taste better if they are presented nicely. Here are some tips for you:

If you use cups that come with a saucer, put one rose petal on the saucer and a sugar cube, or two on it.

Did you know that rose petals are edible? You can put a few different colored rose petals in a tea, or ice tea you serve to make it look colorful. Just make sure it’s organic! Now if you have a cup of iced coffee, or hot chocolate with whipped cream you can sprinkle some bright red, or pink petals on top for the effect! Mixed with some coffee beans it’s sure to look quite unique.

If you are serving a berry ice tea you can put some of the berries in the tea to make it look beautiful.

Whether hot, or iced, tea you can put lime, lemon and orange slices in there. Of course the flavor will be affected, so bear in mind.

Hot chocolate with mint or sweet mint tea can be served with a candycane instead of a spoon for stirring. You can also serve hot chocolate, coffee, or chai tea with a cinnamon stick for decoration, or stirring purposes.

If serving hot chocolate with whipped cream you can put some candied orange. You can also add a orange chocolate taste to your hot chocolate repertoire.

Having whole honeycombs in your iced tea will look fabulous if you have a honey flavor, such as honey, lemon and ginger.

Fresh mint tea always looks great because of the fresh mint in it!

Any cup can come with a butterfly cookie that’s attached to the cup, or simply laid to rest on the saucer.

Coffee can be served with some coffee beans on the saucer, or some chocolate covered coffee beans. If you are doing a coffee drink, or iced coffee you can sprinkle the coffee beans, or insert a cinnamon stick in the cream.

When serving iced drinks you can also freeze flowers, candy, or other spices in them to make them look and taste great!