How to Roast Your own Coffee Beans

coffee roasting timesRoasting your own coffee beans isn’t as hard as you might think. Although you can splash out on coffee roasting equipment, if you’ve got a reasonably well stocked kitchen, all you’ll need is the following:

Coffee Bean Roasting Equipment

Some people might suggest using a heat gun or a popcorn popper, but for your first attempt I’d start with the oven.

So, how do you roast your own coffee beans? Follow the Wholesale Coffee Company step by step process for easy oven roasting.

1. Pre-heat your oven to at least 200 degrees celsius – 250 should be sufficient. You should then make sure your kitchen is well ventilated as coffee roasting will produce some smoke.

2. Place your green coffee beans on a metal baking tray with tiny holes in it. You might want to do a test batch first. Alternatively, keep some of your favourite coffee beans to hand so you can roast your own coffee beans to a similar shade.

For more information about coffee bean colours and roasting times visit Sweet Maria’s Coffee Library. You’ll be able to see pictures of coffee beans going through the roasting process and find out the difference between a Vienna Light Roast and Full City Roast.

3. Throughout the roasting process you should hear clicking/ cracking sounds which is normal. After about 15-20 minutes check on the beans and remove them from the oven if they look ready.

4. Remove your freshly roasted coffee beans from the tray and place them in a metal colander to cool.

5. Finally, once they’re cool (some people wait 24 hours before using them) they’re ready to consume. Make yourself a delicious cup of homemade coffee, sit back and relax.

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