How to Present Drinks Beautifully

In Sweden there is something called “kaffe kalas” which directly translated means “coffee party.” Usually you do this for a birthday, or when gathering friends. It’s an old term and not used so much by the younger generation, but the tradition stays the same today: when there is a celebration you invite friends and family over for coffee and cake. In Sweden, according to tradition, it should be seven different kinds of cake. To say a lot of cake is eaten in Sweden is an understatement, yet in comparison to the copious amounts of coffee that are drunk, it’s nothing.

If you are hosting a coffee party in Sweden you use your finest china. It’s rare you see elaborate coffee drinks and intriguing presentations. If you want to host a coffee party yourself, have friends around for tea, or if you own a coffee or tea shop you might consider looking into cute presentations though. There is nothing quite as impressive as getting a nice tasting drink served looking like it was a piece of art. And let’s face it: if your significant other shows up with breakfast in bed and have made incredulous cups of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea, it only makes it that much better.

Of course, to truly impress someone you need the best ingredients as well. Here at the Wholesale Coffee Co. we’ve made a living out of selling coffee online. If you are buying bulk it’s perfect buying coffee online and we have many different varieties (we even have green coffee beans if you want to roast them yourself), as well as tea and coffee.

Yummy Coffee Drink. :)

An old fashioned glass jar can be perfect for serving coffee drinks and hot chocolates – rustic and pretty. You can tie a ribbon on top and match the straw with the ribbon.

Fancy Coffee Drinks by gee.deasis

Fancy drinks with coffee from (made by

Coffee drink that tastes like frappucinos! Just mix coffee and sweet condensed milk!

Coffee mixed with sweet condensed milk and ice cubes. Perfect for summer or if it’s really hot by the fireplace!

cokiee cup :D drink n eat..!

Why buy a cup when you can bake one? We’re guessing it’s lined by some fatty frosting (like coconut butter/oil mixed with sugar and potentially some flavouring like fresh vanilla, coffee, etc.) to prevent the coffee from being soaked up by the cake. We also presume the coffee is cold or needs to be drunk fast as frosting melts…

yum - fall brunch - wrapped coffee drinks

Once again straws, but this time matched with bottles. Perfect if you have some old fashioned milk bottles.

coffee & chocolate a beautiful partnership

Even something as simple as an espresso can be beautifully presented.

Maiko, Geiko... Most Things Geisha

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you put in the cup – it’s just all about the presentation. (Although of course it would be better if what’s in the cup is palatable.) Who wouldn’t be awed by this?