How to Make Your Coffee Healthier

So you have a naughty habit of drinking coffee every day…how can you make it healthier? Well, for starters it isn’t all that naughty. Coffee appears to fight off a number of different diseases when you drink around three cups per day and coffee is filled with antioxidants and can even help relieve the pain of headaches and increase the efficiency of painkillers. However you can also get jittery and anxious if you drink too much.

Maybe coffee isn’t all that naughty, but then there’s the milk and the sugar… Well, everyone appears confused in the milk versus soy debate (the only agreement being that organic is better in both instances), but almond milk and oat milk appear safe enough. You can also substitute sugar for some stevia, which in small amounts are safe erythritol is another sweetener that may work. Honey and maple syrup can also be used.

Now, to topple it all off you can also add some spice to your coffee and by doing so the amount of antioxidants in your drink will immediately spike (don’t believe us? Watch this two minute video clip and get amazed!). There’s chai tea lattes already, so why not spice up your coffee with some cinnamon, or cacao sprinkled on top? You can also blend ginger, cloves, cinnamon, a tiny bit of nutmeg and allspice and sprinkle over for that gingerbread effect. Cassia cinnamon will also help lower blood sugar levels (making that natural sweetener even more healthy), but be careful with cassia cinnamon as it should be eaten in moderation whereas you can eat more Ceylon cinnamon for the sake of antioxidants, but it will probably not lower blood sugars (read more here).

With this information in mind, next time someone says your coffee isn’t healthy, just show them the amount of spices you sprinkled on top and if you’ve done your research well – amaze them with telling them the exact amount of antioxidants you are getting from that one cup!