How to make the perfect cup of coffee in a cafetière

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Once you’ve stocked up on your coffee bean supplies and you’ve got yourself a decent cafetière (French Press), how do you make the perfect coffee with freshly ground coffee beans? Wholesale Coffee Company explains how.

Before you begin

Before you spoon in the ground coffee beans, preheat your cafetière with hot water.

Which coffee beans should I use?

We recommend coarse to medium ground coffee beans for coffee brewed in a cafetière; however, by all means, experiment and see which flavours you like best. Check with your coffee supplier to find out which coffee beans are the most suitable for use with a cafetière.

How much coffee do I need?

As a guide, aim for two tablespoons of freshly ground coffee beans for every cup of coffee.

Making the perfect cup of coffee in five steps

Once you have your coffee beans and you’ve prepared your cafetière, you’re now ready to start making coffee.

1. First place your ground coffee in the cafetière with a small amount of hot water – just enough to wet the coffee beans in the cafetière. It’s a good idea to leave the boiled water standing for about 30 seconds before you pour it in.

2. You can then pour the rest of the water into the cafetière. You’ll notice that the darker your brew, the more froth there will be on the top.

3. After a few moments, you can add more water if necessary, then place the plunger and the cafetière lid on top; however, don’t push the plunger down just yet.

4. After four minutes, you can then push the plunger down slowly.

5. You’re now ready to drink your coffee. Drink it black, white or add some flavoured syrups. Enjoy.

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