How to make dalgona coffee

You may have hear of dalgona coffee, which is the hot new trend on the block. It comes from South Korean, and has been a smash hit on social media as it looks very visually appealing with its thick consistency and defined layers. It’s quite sweet – a bit like a thick, sugary latte – so if you prefer your coffee plainer this probably isn’t the drink for you. If you fancy a bit of a weekend treat, though, this recipe is easy to try at home – just remember to post a pic on Instagram afterwards!

Dalgona contains just four ingredients – instant coffee granules, water, milk and sugar. Whipping the coffee, sugar and water together causes a chemical reaction which creates a consistency a bit like chocolate mousse or whipped cream, which you then spoon on top of the milk. If that sounds like your cup of tea (or mug of coffee), then here’s what to do. Tip: this is best served in a clear glass mug, so that you can see the layers which are part of the drink, a bit like Irish coffee.

To make two servings, you’ll need:

• 3 tablespoons instant coffee granules
• 3 tablespoons hot water
• 3 tablespoons sugar (you can get away with two tablespoons if you don’t like things that sweet)
• 500ml milk, either iced or hot depending on what you want the end result to be

Put the coffee, sugar and water in a bowl and whisk continuously for around 5 minutes. You can do this using an electric whisk, a mechanical whisk or a hand whisk if you’re feeling strong. When the mixture starts to stand up in peaks a bit like egg whites (honestly, this does happen!), it’s ready.

Pour the milk into two mugs or glasses, and spoon the coffee mixture on top. The appeal of this coffee is sipping the milk through the thick, velvety coffee layer, which makes it feel a bit like an ice cream float! You can experiment by adding coffee liqueur, if you want to.

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Image: Pixabay