How to brew coffee in a vacuum coffee pot

676187766_1357111206Vacuum pots are a brewing method used by coffee connoisseurs to produce a fresh-tasting, sediment free cup of coffee. If you’re new to vacuum pot brewing, here’s our guide to how to brew the perfect cup. As all vacuum pots are slightly different, remember to read your manufacturer’s instructions first.

1. Take the coffee mug you want to use, and use it measure water into the lower globe of the vacuum pot.Count how many mugfuls you need to fill it to at least half full.

2. When the globe is half full of water, put it on the heat source over a high heat, which could be the hob or a gas burner (this will vary by individual model).

3. Put the filter in the upper globe – you may need to lock it into place, depending on the model you have. Your filter could be paper or cloth, and could use clips or springs to fasten so check with your instructions.

4. Measure your favourite ground coffee into the upper globe, allowing two level tablespoons per mug of water used.

5. As the water in the lower globe begins to simmer, put the upper globe on top and give it a good press down to seal it.

6. As the water in the lower globe begins to heat, the pressure of the vapour will force it into the upper globe. Keep an eye on things, and when half of the water is in the upper globe turn the heat down a little.

7. As the water level in the lower globe touches the bottom of the funnel, vapour will rise up the tube making the coffee bubble and gurgle. The length of time you leave this to happen will dictate the strength of the brewed coffee, so leave it from one to three minutes depending on your taste.

8. Take the pot off the heat. As it cools, a vacuum forms and pulls the brewed coffee back down into the decanter. When this process has finished, carefully pull away the upper globe and serve the coffee.

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