Healthier festive Christmas coffee drinks

christmas-healthy-festive-coffee-drinksIf you’re in the middle of promoting your Christmas menu at the moment, you’ve probably added some festive specials. Spare a thought for health conscious, coffee-loving Britons this winter, though – seasonal specials at some high street chains contain a whopping 22.5g of fat and 53.3g (13 teaspoons) of sugar! With daily adult recommended allowances for a man being 70g of fat and 90g of total sugar, you’re blowing half your allowance on a single drink – not to mention the hefty 460 calorie payload. The recommended daily calorie allowance for a man is 2000 a day,¬†and for every extra 3,500 calories you eat a week you’ll gain a pound. That means that if you drink just one of these drinks a day for seven days, you’ll gain a pound – no wonder many of us put on weight over Christmas!

In your own coffee shop, how about offering some festive specials that won’t break the calorie bank? Instead of adding extra sugar as part of the drink, flavour drinks with spices and let customers add their own sweetener if they wish. Serve chocolate chips or marshmallows on the side, and use skimmed milk instead of cream.

Healthy festive coffee ideas

Chocolatey espresso – a standard espresso black coffee contains around 5 calories. Add a shot of chocolate syrup for an additional 40 calories, and serve with chocolate-coated coffee beans on the side.

Spiced cappuccino Рa standard cappuccino made with skimmed milk weighs in at 95 calories. Add a single shot of gingerbread syrup for 40 calories, or use sugar-free syrup to add only five calories. Sprinkle the top with a dusting of ginger and nutmeg, and serve with a gingerbread biscuit on the side.

Skinny mint latte – a standard latte made with skimmed milk contains around 135 calories. Add a shot of mint syrup (40 calories) or mint sugar-free syrup (five calories), and serve with a light dusting of cocoa powder on top. Add a chocolate mint in the side.

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