Have inflight meals just got better? Air New Zealand introduce edible coffee cup

Responsible manufacturers, retailers and caterers are constantly concerned about the amount of disposable coffee cups thrown away each year – an astonishing 2.5 billion annually in the UK alone. Now, Air New Zealand has taken an individual approach to reducing the waste – by trying out coffee cups you can eat.

The cups are actually made of vanilla-flavoured biscuits – biscotti, to be accurate – so shed a new light on ‘coffee and biscuits’. The airline serves over eight million cups of coffee to passengers every year, and is trialling the new initiative in a bid to reduce waste. Apparently, they’ve been a ‘bit hit’ with customers, and are also being used as pudding bowls. They’re capable of holding liquid for several hours without leaking.
Airlines are very much in the firing line when it comes to environmental impact, and prior to trying out the edible cups Air New Zealand had already switched to paper and corn cups which could be composted.

Critics, though, say that although it’s a step in the right direction the airline could be doing more. The cups have also raised concerns among customers with allergies or food intolerances, as they contain gluten and eggs. The original plant-based cups will also be available for customers who prefer a more traditional receptacle! The edible cups are only available on selected routes as the manufacturer, Twiice, is currently unable to produce them in sufficient quantities to service the entire airline, a situation which it hopes will change.

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