Has lockdown affected the UK’s coffee consumption?

We don’t whether it’s lockdown or whether it would have happened anyway, but the results of a new survey seem to indicate that we’re drinking more coffee than before. The last time a similar study was carried out in 2018, of the 2,000 people who took part, around a third said they drank no coffee at all. Now, of the latest batch of 2,000 people studied, 86% drink coffee regularly. On average, UK coffee drinkers consume 1,352 cups a year each. Instant came out as the most popular (or possibly just the most practical!) with 312 cups each a year, followed by156 Americanos and even 104 espresso martinis! The average coffee-lover apparently consumes 26 cups of coffee or coffee-flavoured drinks during a typical week, which can include anything from iced coffee to coffee liqueur.

The study goes on to say that over an average lifetime coffee drinkers will be consuming over 85,000 cups of coffee, which is pretty impressive! Three fifths of us are also reluctant to go a whole day without coffee. It also seems that during lockdown we’ve discovered the espresso martini – well, it has been a very stressful few months! Coffee lovers have made an average of each of the cocktails at home during the last year.

Stuck with making our own coffee at home during the last few months, many of us are enjoying visits back to our local coffee shops now restrictions have eased enough to allow indoor dining. Supporting small businesses and enjoying our caffeine fix at the same time is a great thing for everyone!

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