Hallowe’en coffee specials for 31st October

If you like to offer seasonal specials in your coffee business, we’ve come up with some Hallowe’en ideas that are sure to grab those menu headlines.
Dripping blood cappuccino
This idea isn’t confined to cappuccinos, but you do need a coffee with a frothy top! You’ll also need to serve in a glass rather than a cup for the full effect.
Before you pour the coffee, drip the rim of each glass in a saucer of strawberry or raspberry syrup, just enough to colour it. Then, make the coffee as usual and drizzle more syrup across the top so it runs down the sides just a little. Garnish the saucer with glace cherries.
Marshmallow ‘ghosts’
Any regular coffee can be ‘spooked up’ with the addition of a little marshmallow ghost. All you need is marshmallows in two different sizes. Thread the larger one onto a cocktail stick, and follow with the smaller one. Using food colouring pens, draw eyes and a mouth onto the smaller marshmallow. Use to garnish the coffee itself (note – it will melt into the coffee!), or serve on the side
Screaming cream
If you offer whipped cream with drinks such as hot chocolate and cafe creme, add a ghostly touch. Either whip cream freshly from scratch and add a few drops of red or green food colouring, or spray it into a bowl and mix the colouring in. Top the drink with ‘normal’ cream and add a couple of blobs of the coloured cream for effect – you could also use it to make little faces.
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