Great coffee on a budget

EspressoThe ability to produce a great-tasting espresso is at the heart of every coffee business. As well as a drink in its own right, espresso forms the base of many other coffee drinks, such as cappucino, mocha, latte, americano and even coffee cocktails and iced coffee. To produce the perfect espresso, you need a grinder, capable of producing the finer grounds needed for good espresso, a good coffee brewing machine and the right espresso beans.

Although it sounds strange, beans used for espresso tend not to be roasted very darkly, as roasting brings the natural oils of the beans to the surface, which they can start to deteriorate. An expert coffee bean roaster will be able to catch the beans at the optimum moment, so that they produce a stronger flavour and retain enough of their natural oils and sugars to produce a good crema (the frothy, creamy head on the top of a good cup of espresso coffee).

If you want to brew a full flavoured espresso with a good crema it’s important not to scrimp on the quality of the beans. With the growth in popularity of buying coffee beans online, it’s become much easier to buy beans blended specifically for producing espressos, and many people favour the Lavazza Super Crema brand for a consistent taste and crema. Although Lavazza is a great brand, there’s now a new product on the market which gives the same benefits of flavour and crema at a lower price.

Suprema Coffee Beans are an expert blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, blended specifically for espressos and able to produce an excellent crema. They’re supplied in individual 1kg bags to keep them fresh, and produce the perfect espresso for use as a base, or for drinking by itself. If you’re looking to get good value for money in your coffee shop, but don’t want to compromise on flavour, why not take a look at Suprema Coffee Beans on our coffee beans page.