Glasgow café sells ‘camelccinos’ for charity

In amongst all the ‘avocado lattes’, ‘rainbow lattes’ and ice cream serving cups, sometimes there’s a coffee trend we can really appreciate. Yes, it’s a bit of a gimmick – but it’s a gimmick with a purpose. A café in Glasgow has invented ‘camelccinos’ – yes, that’s right, coffee with added camels’ milk – to help support traders in Kenya.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen trends for adding almost anything to coffee, including yak butter, salt and various non-dairy milks such as almond. This is a new one on us, though! Camels’ milk is said to be more nutritious than cows’ milk, containing more iron and vitamin C. Although we’re not used to it here in the UK, it’s commonly drunk across Africa and the Middle East and can be used as a substitute for human breast milk as it’s nutritionally the closest type of milk. It can have health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The initiative to bring ‘camelcchinos’ to Scotland is funded by the British government’s Department for International Development, and is being run by Mercy Corps, a global team of humanitarians with offices in Edinburgh. They’re helping female Kenyan traders to increase the shelf life of their camels’ milk, which can spoil rapidly in the high temperatures, leading to a lot of wastage. So far, the project has funded solar-powered cooling units as well as refrigerated transport. The Willow Tea Rooms, where the drink is on sale for £2.40, say it’s proved popular so far. The project aims to raise funds by donating 10 per cent of the profits from each drink, but also to highlight awareness for the traders.

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