Free Coffee – a Great Incentive for Shop Owners

Ever been to Trader Joe’s in America? They play funky music in their shops, there are old vinyl records everywhere and their staff is friendlier than your dog. It may sound like they sell music, but what they are truly selling is food. Trader Joe’s is a sort of low key version of Whole Foods. If you have lived in America you probably miss Trader Joe’s as much as you’d miss mince pies if you left Britain. If you love mince pies.

The other thing with Trader Joe’s is that they always have free food samples and free coffee. That’s right, when you shop there a cup of Joe is on the house. Including milk, dairy free milk, and various sweeteners, such as stevia (you can’t even get that at Starbucks). The cups may not be large, but still, who can resist a free cup of Joe? Not I.

Coffee is often seen as a drink we go out to drink when meeting someone, or something we fuel our days with. Rarely do you see shops offering free coffee to all their clients, but maybe they should? Well, at least some, as it is a cheap incentive to make someone come into your shop. Just imagine: the whole shop will smell like coffee! Even better: grind your fresh roasted coffee beans on the premises (they do that at Trader Joe’s too) and it will simply smell divine!

Need some beans for your shop? Why not buy coffee online from us? We’d love to supply your business…after all that’s our business. Supplying coffee that is! 🙂