Five simple steps to the perfect cup of coffee

beansAs a dedicated coffee drinker, the chances are you’ll already have a domestic coffee machine and be brewing your own fresh coffee at home. We’ve got a few simple tips to improve the taste of your daily cuppa and raise it from delicious to absolutely perfect.

1. Use the best quality coffee beans you can.

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we source and supply the best, freshest coffee beans at great wholesale prices. So whether you need espresso beans or roast-your-own green beans, we’re sure to have something you’ll love.

2. Grind your own coffee beans

Coffee beans taste better the more freshly ground they are. After grinding, they start to deteriorate and lose their flavour quickly, so for the best results grind them immediately before using. Grind for the type of brewing method you have in mind, for example espresso requires a very fine grind, cafetieres normally require a coarse grind, filter coffee machines need a medium grind and for your vacuum machine you should use a fine grind. Try to grind the beans fresh each time, but if you do have any left over they can be stored in an airtight container for a short while.

3. Keep your coffee machine clean

Whatever type of brewing method you use, keep your machine clean. Wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water at least once a week, and if necessary disassemble it and clean the constituent parts.

4. Use purified water

To remove any minerals from tap water that could affect the taste of the finished drink, pass the water through a water purifier before boiling it. This can be a simple jug system, or a more sophisticated system fitted to the tap itself.

5. Use a natural filter

If your coffee machine requires a filter, try to source natural filters rather than those made from bleached paper, for the ultimate pure taste.