Fancy an Eggspresso?

background-70394_640Even if you don’t normally have much of a sweet tooth, Easter’s one of the times in the year when most of us indulge in a bit of chocolate. If you’re also a coffee lover, then the latest craze from Australia is sure to be up your street.

A coffee shop based in Perth has posted a series of videos on social media that show espresso coffee being dispensed into hollow chocolate Easter eggs instead of cups. Instantly named the ‘Eggspresso’, it’s being hailed as the perfect drink for the Easter period, and the craze has now gone viral online. The chocolate melts slightly into the hot coffee for a rich, indulgent treat.

If you’d like to have a go at a DIY eggspresso, here’s how:

You’ll need one hollow chocolate Easter egg, about the size of a mug (don’t use too big an egg, remember you’ll be eating the whole thing at once!). Stand it firmly in a mug or jug to hold it steady. Then, simply brew an espresso as usual and either let it dispense directly into the egg, or pour it into a jug first then into the egg. Eat immediately before it all has a chance to melt too much – you’ll need a spoon, and probably a handy box of tissues! Milk chocolate works best for this, but you could also experiment with flavoured chocolate such as caramel.

If you’ve got Easter eggs left over, this is a fun and unusual way of using them up – but it’s a good job we’ll only be doing it once a year! For all your coffee supplies, from green and roasted coffee beans to accessories, from flavoured syrups to milk, take a look at our main Wholesale Coffee Company website for a great choice at competitive wholesale prices.