Fancy a coffee break in Columbia?


If you love coffee, why not visit one of the World’s greatest coffee suppliers – Columbia – home to top quality, Arabica coffee beans, lush coffee plantations, paradise beaches, and picturesque towns.

Until recently, Columbia was one of the South American countries that wasn’t as popular with tourists. People went backpacking round Peru, Brazil and Venezuela, but Columbia remained relatively untouched.  However, once the Columbian government started to crack down on crime and put the annual $1.6bn of aid money to good use, the tourists have started to take an interest.

Columbia is after all a major producer of coffee beans – the industry plays a big part in the Columbian economy and cultural identity. As a result, there is now such a thing as coffee holiday breaks in Columbia’s coffee region, located around the lush green Central Cordillera branch of the Andes.

Columbian coffee holidays

Holy Monkey Travel organises coffee tours which involve staying in a traditional coffee plantation house with stunning views over the valley and coffee plantations. During the tour you’ll get the chance to experience how coffee beans are grown and how the green coffee beans in the plantations are transformed into delicious cups of fresh coffee.

On top of this, you will get to have a tour of the region’s top sites including Cocora Valley which is supposed to be home to the World’s most magnificent trees; you can sample home cooked Columbian cuisine; visit picturesque Columbian villages, and of course, drink lots of delicious coffee made from fresh Columbian coffee beans.

So, if you love coffee, culture and beautiful countryside, a coffee holiday in Columbia could be just what you’re looking for. There’s also the added bonus of going somewhere that hasn’t been destroyed by excess tourism.

For more information, you can visit the Holy Monkey Coffee Break page to read more about the tour.

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