Educating Your Coffee Shop Clients

Have you ever heard about educating your clients? If you haven’t, you might wonder why you should educate them? Why do you tell your clients you sell fresh roasted coffee beans if they don’t have nose enough to figure it out themselves (like hello that scent should say it all)? Why tell them that if they buy the green beans they can roast them at home to come up with their own roasts and blends? And why tell them about the laborious process of harvesting and roasting coffee? Why not just serve them the coffee and the associated products and hope they like them?

There are two reasons why you educate your clients: passion and money. If you sell the best fresh roasted coffee beans in the vicinity chances are you are passionate about it. Likewise, if you are selling fairtrade coffee, knowing that the farms your coffee comes from have properly paid employees, you are probably passionate about letting clients know so that next week they don’t buy coffee that came from slave trade.

So where do the money come in? Well, if someone knows for sure that your coffee is fairtrade, chances are they are prepared to pay more for it. Likewise, if you describe the elaborate process of finding the best beans, roasting them yourself and making unique blends, it will sound like you are selling something valuable. If people know it’s valuable, they are happy to pay more. When they know the hard work and expertise that’s gone into something they are usually prepared to pay more.

If you manage to really impress someone, or make an impression there is also the possibility of them telling their friends about it. If they tell their friends then they might end up your customers also. You will also find that the more someone thinks about coffee the more they want it – the more engaged you get in something the more you wanna try everything around it.

So let us tell you right now: we’re passionate about coffee and the coffee we sell is great. For example we have various different green coffee beans for roasting. Perfect if you have a coffee shop and want to make your own blend. Try our Forte or Caribana for example.¬†Of course we also sell Nespresso. In case you have too much to do to spend time perfecting your espressos. So if you want to buy coffee online, check out our shop!

Specialty Coffee Drinks An Illustrated Guide by letteredandlined

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