Easy dinner party desserts made with coffee – ‘drowned ice cream’

ice creamCoffee’s normally on the menu at the end of every dinner party, when the favourite choice is espresso . If you’re a really coffee fan, though, there are dozens of coffee-flavoured puds to serve as well. Here’s one of our favourites – it’s icy cool, not too rich and looks a lot more complicated to prepare than it really is.

Perfect for rounding off a heavy meal, this is incredibly simple – all you need is some really good quality vanilla ice cream, some equally good quality espresso coffee made from freshly-roasted coffee beans, and the alcohol of your choice – Irish cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur and Tia Maria would all work well.

The secret of success with this recipe is timing. Have the coffee set up ready to brew, with the coffee beans ready ground and waiting. Put out the dishes that you’re using – glass sundae-style dishes work well – and have the alcohol ready to hand. Make the coffee, and take the ice cream out of the freezer at the last minute, so that it stays as hard as possible. Put two scoops of ice cream into each dish, and pour the hot coffee over it until each dish is about a third full. Add a little of your alcohol of choice, and top the dish with a  chocolate covered coffee bean if you like, or a few chocolate sprinkles.

Take the dishes to the table immediately, just as the ice cream is starting to melt into the coffee. If you’re using sundae dishes, it might also be a good idea to provide long handled spoons so that your guests can finish the creamy coffee sauce with ease.

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