Does your cup matter when you drink coffee?

Time for coffee mug

I don’t know about you, but I have different cups, mugs and glasses for different hot drinks and occasions.

When I’m working I only drink from one mug – my bright yellow ‘Time for Coffee’ Banksy mug.

At home, I’ll drink from any large mug with a nice design on it, and a substantial handle. I’m not a fan of thin cups that are heavily stained with handles that hurt when you hold them.

When it comes to drinking coffee, this is what I like – unless I’m getting a takeaway coffee or a drink from a coffee machine, and then I’m happy with a paper cup.

Traditionally, when it comes to coffee, each style of drink comes with its own cup. Experts say that you won’t lose the flavour if you drink your coffee from the wrong cup, but selecting the right one will boost the experience and enhance the drink.

Which cup for which type of coffee?


The perfect café latte should be served in a tall clear glass cup with frothy milk going right up to the top. However, a non clear glass is also fine.

Drip coffee

The key here is to fill your cup to the top so it stays hot for longer. You might want to serve it in a clear glass if you’ve got a sweet tooth — this way you’ll be able to see if the sugar has mixed in properly.


Cappuccino cups may vary slightly in size but the shape remains the same — a larger circumference around the top and a smaller base. The shape of the cappuccino cup allows the espresso to mix properly so you don’t get bubbles forming on the top.

Iced coffee

Serve in a tall clear glass with a straw and decorate with cream, strawberries and whatever else takes your fancy.

Turkish coffee

Go for an ornate cup with a matching saucer — the true name for a Turkish coffee cup is finjan. Alternatively, an espresso cup will also be fine, but for the an authentic Turkish coffee experience, pick one with a good design.