Do Your Coffee Bean Supplies need some New Flavours?

Wholesale Coffee Company can help you liven up your coffee bean supplies with these delicious coffee bean blends. From sweet caramel to yummy treacle and chocolate, take your pick from the list below.

If you’re a café or coffee shop owner and you buy your coffee bean supplies in bulk and would like to try some of our coffee beans before you buy wholesale, you can order sample bags starting from only £6.

At Wholesale Coffee Company you’ll find excellent quality coffee beans at affordable prices. This is a guarantee.

Cafeology Fair Trade BlendCafeology Fair Trade Blend

Smooth, rich and full of flavour, these fair trade, medium to dark roasted coffee beans are perfect for milk based coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. With notes of caramel and burnt toffee, these medium to full bodied beans will add a sweet addition to your coffee bean supplies.

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caribana-blend-coffee-beans-Caribana Blend

This gourmet blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans has yummy chocolate notes and a deliciously rich, smooth aroma. The Caribana blend is ideal for milk based coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes; And it’s great value for money.

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tunki-blendOrganic Tunki Blend

All the way from the Peruvian Andes, these organic, Arabica coffee beans have a beautiful floral aroma with notes of treacle and sweet chocolate. They’re enhanced with red berry and citrus undertones providing a delicious, full bodied blend. You won’t be disappointed if you add these beans to your coffee bean supplies.

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Sample SelectionSample Selection

And finally, if you can’t make your mind up, you can try a sample selection consisting of four 1kg bags of luxury coffee beans, including the Tunki and Caribana blends featured above.

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