Designing your own coffee packaging

packaging 2If you’re re-packaging your own coffee beans for sale, there are several aspects to consider when designing the packaging. In addition to your own design, company logo, product name and contact details, there are also practical and legal aspects.

The packaging should provide physical protection, keeping the product inside safe from any damage which might cause it to deteriorate. It should also keep out any external contaminants such as water, dust or oxygen, keeping the contents fresh and clean for the duration of the shelf life. It should provide a platform for clear, easy to read information about the contents of the packaging, and be secure enough to show any tampering. Packaging should also make the beans easy to store and transport.

Many coffee bean retailers choose soft plastic bags for packaging, which are a cost effective option and keep the contents fresh. In addition to the product and company information, the packaging needs to carry a sell by date, and to list any ingredients other than coffee beans. It should also provide clear storage instructions for the beans, both when the bag is unopened and after it’s been opened. The weight of the contents must also be clearly marked, and the country where the product was packed. You might also like to¬†add recycling information, including any relevant symbols to help consumers.

Any packaging that you choose must be made from a product that’s approved for safe food contact, and if you’re designing your packaging from scratch for the first time, it’s a good idea to get it checked by an expert – the Food Standards Agency are a great source of information and advice.

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