Customised coffee packs as corporate merchandise

customised-coffee-bag-strong-blendIf you attend a lot of trade exhibitions, conferences or business meetings, you’ll already be familiar with the concept of corporate merchandise, gifts branded with logos and company details. Carrier bags, pens and mugs are the top favourites, as they’re inexpensive to produce and can be used everyday, theoretically keeping the brand at the front of the potential customer’s mind. These items, though, are often seen as disposable and thus don’t have a high value for the customer. Offer something that’s really seen as worth having, such as a bag of top quality coffee printed with your company logo or advertising slogan, and your customer is far more likely to remember you. An unusual gift such as this will also make you stand out from the crowd.

You don’t have to be a coffee company, café or even in the catering business to reap the benefit of offering gift bags of coffee, either – coffee beans are a universally acceptable gift, and can be used to advertise almost anything from a new business service to a cutting edge product.

At the Wholesale Coffee Company, we supply a great range of coffee beans, packed in customised bags printed with your own logo. The 250g bags are perfect for handing out as corporate gifts, and we also supply 500g and 1kg sizes, filled with top quality beans in strong, mellow, decaff or luxury blends.

Next time you have a trade stand at a business fair, why not have some 250g bags printed up with your company details , ready to hand out to interested customers – you can be sure that’s one corporate gift they’ll be taking home with them.

For more information about our customised bags service, and to see our range of beans, please visit our Customised Coffee Bags page under the Coffee Beans section.