Commercial coffee machines from the future

commercial-coffee-machinesAt some point in the future, you could see the commercial coffee machines in your office get an upgrade.

Forget waiting around in queues for your morning coffee because the future could bring us Wi-Fi tablet controlled, commercial coffee machines.

Although Wi-Fi coffee machines aren’t currently available on the market, Qualcomm did present one at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. Could this be a taster of what’s to come?

The design basically functions as a regular coffee machine apart from the fact that it’s powered with one of Qualcomm’s Atheros 4100 chips.

If the coffee machine existed, users would be able to order their coffee using a simple hand held tablet. So, rather than physically pressing buttons on a large machine, you’d be able to have so much more control over how your coffee is made.

Using the tablet, you’d be able to choose your preferred coffee beans as well as the strength, size and brewing time. Then once your drink is ready, your tablet will inform you – presumably with some sort of alarm system – when your drink is ready.

At present, there are no plans to manufacture commercial coffee machines with Wi-Fi; however, it certainly sounds like it might take off at some point.

It does make me wonder though – what happens if someone orders their coffee and then forgets to pick it up from the machine or other priorities somehow prevent you from collecting your cup?

Will the machine get confused and overloaded like a factory production line working on the highest speed? I’m sure this has already been thought of though.

So, what does the future hold for all our electrical appliances? If commercial coffee machines can have Wi-Fi, what about other vending machines or our everyday household items?

Will we become a nation of super lazy people or could this be the beginning of a brand new technological revolution with products designed to make us as efficient and productive as we possibly can be?

 Image: Coffee Beans to cup coffee machine