The Coffee Pot Shoe

Do you remember the nursery rhyme, ‘There was an old woman who lived in a shoe?’

It might be a far-fetched connection, but that’s exactly what sprung to mind after the discovery of the footwear designer, Kobi Levi. Some of his designs almost look as if tiny people could inhabit the shoes or use them as functional everyday objects. For example, the shoes that resemble miniature red shopping baskets or the high heels sculpted to look like ladders.

Other designs include shoes that look like ducks with the heels sculpted to look like yellow beaks, rocking chair shoes and even pink chewing gum shoes – we’re not so sure about wearing these ones though.

Our favourites out of the Kobi Levi collection are the coffee pot shoes that really do look like coffee pots filled with deliciously brewed coffee beans with the heels of the shoes resembling hot black coffee being poured. So, if you like the idea of wearing coffee pots on your feet, you’ve got two designs to choose from – the sophisticated black coffee pot or the classic white coffee pot resembling fine china.

As a wholesale coffee company we’d love to see a whole collection of shoes dedicated to coffee beans with the shoes perhaps boxed in shoe boxes made to look like miniature coffee machines…the possibilities are endless. The way things are going with companies such as Singtex, designing sportswear out of coffee beans, perhaps we’ll start to see some more functional shoes actually made with coffee beans.

About Kobi Levi

Kobi Levi’s footwear design career began in childhood when he would craft shoes out of cardboard. After completing his degree, Levi went onto become a freelance shoe designer of weird and wonderful shoes. He gained worldwide recognition for his interesting creations through his blog ‘Blog Kobi’ which attracted the attention of Lady Gaga who used one of Kobi’s shoes in her music video ‘Born this Way’.