Coffee trends: the ‘proffee’ caffeine and protein drink

From time to time, we like to bring you news from the wackier side of coffee (remember avocado lattes, anyone? How about coffee with yak butter in it?) Whether it has an unusual ingredient added or it’s served in an ‘interesting’ way, it sometimes seems there’s pretty much nothing that hasn’t been added to poor old coffee at some point. (Personally, we like ours plain and …er….coffee flavoured.)

By comparison, this new trend seems almost reasonable! It’s called a ‘proffee’, and it’s a blend of coffee and protein. Coffee is well known for being a stimulant, and we’ve posted before about how it can give athletes a slight edge in high-energy challenges. Protein, as every fitness fanatic knows, is essential for muscle recovery and also for helping to build lean muscle rather than fat. It was probably only a matter of time before someone decided to put both things in the same cup – and the proffee was born.

To make one, all you need is one (or two) shots of espresso and either some protein powder or a low-fat protein milkshake. Seems like proffee is normally served cold, which sounds marginally more appetising – hot milkshake sounds like a bit of a curdled mess! Just add the cold coffee, milkshake and some crushed ice to a big travel cup, shake it all up and set off for your 10-mile run. Proffee is currently trending on social media and lots of people are talking about the brown sludgy drink – we’re not convinced it’s not just a waste of a good cup of coffee, though.

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