Coffee trends: the ‘doughnut cup’

Coffee in an avocado. Coffee in a chocolate ice cream cone. Deconstructed coffee. It started out strangely, and honestly it’s just got worse – a bakery in Australia is doing odd and terrible things to a simple and inoffensive cup of coffee by serving it in a ‘doughnut’ cup.

Now, we’re not against a doughnut. We’re not against coffee and a doughnut together, provided that one’s served on a plate and the other in a cup. We do think, though, that serving the coffee inside the doughnut isn’t an improvement – surely you’ll just get a sloppy drink and a messy doughnut?

The Kenilworth Bakery in Australia obviously doesn’t agree – it’s developed a special doughnut which has been coated with cinnamon then hollowed out and lined with Nutella to make it more resistant to liquid. It’s then filled with an espresso shot topped with foamed milk.
The bakery describes the new creation as ‘amazing’, and says they’re proving popular with customers. They took about a week to perfect, and there’s also a version available filled with hot chocolate instead of coffee.

It’s served on a wooden platter, and the customer has to drink the coffee quickly before tacking the doughnut – a task that looks surprisingly difficult, as the doughnut is…doughy. Don’t expect to look elegant eating one of these!

They do love a gimmick in Australia, and while we applaud this bakery’s innovative spirit we don’t think this is going to catch on. You have to drink the coffee quickly before it soaks too much into the doughnut, and we think you’d have an easier time keeping both items separate!

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