Coffee trends: the Biscoff latte

We always like to follow the latest coffee trends, and compared to avocado lattes, candyfloss lattes and more the Biscoff latte seems pretty mainstream! After all, Biscoff biscuits and coffee have a long standing relationship. For those who didn’t know, Biscoff biscuits were developed in Belgium in the 1930s by Lotus Bakeries and they’re still thriving today. Flavoured with spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves they’re often found balanced on the side of the saucer when you order a coffee, and make a great partner for your drink. Lotus also make Biscoff ice cream and Biscoff spread, and it’s the latter that has lead to the latest summer drink – the Biscoff latte.

This drink ticks all the boxes for a hot-weather caffeine fix – it’s long, iced and looks good in a glass! It’s simple to make at home, as well. Just brew up a strong, black 30ml of your favourite coffee, and stir in a couple of good spoonfuls of Biscoff spread. Leave it to cool, then add to a blender with the milk of your choice – dairy, almond or soy all work well. Pulse until smooth, taste and sweeten if necessary. Pour into a tall glass and add ice. Serve with a Biscoff biscuit or two on the side! You could also drink this hot – just stir the spread into the hot coffee until it dissolves, then add milk to taste. If you’re serving it hot, you could also add a spoonful to whipped cream to the top and sprinkle a crushed biscuit over it.

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