Coffee trends – ‘coffee nail polish’

Welcome to the unusual coffee trend of the month! We’ve put inverted commas around our headline, as the nail polish in question isn’t actually made of coffee – it just smells like it, according to the manufacturer.

Everyone who uses nail polish will know that it’s not normally the nicest scent in the world – that eye-watering smell of acetate leaves something to be desired and can even give you a headache if you’re feeling a bit delicate. Now, American nail experts LeChat have launched their Dare to Wear MOOD Café collection – a collection of gels and lacquers which not only change colour according to your body temperature, but also apparently feature a ‘long lasting coffee inspired scent’. The six colours in the collection all smell like different types of coffee, including a mocha scent. We can’t comment on how authentic the scents are, but surely they’ve got to be better than the usual chemical smell. We can see that having nail polish that smelt of coffee might be a bit of a double-edged sword though– on one hand (no pun intended!) the smell of coffee is one of our favourites. On the other hand, is it going to make you crave caffeine even more than usual? We reckon it could be worth a try – you can find the unusual concoction online if you want to give it a go and treat your nails to a caffeine fix this autumn.

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