Coffee trends: coffee flavoured bacon

Yes, you read that right – coffee flavoured bacon. Sometimes a coffee trend comes along that’s so off the wall that we can’t quite decide whether it’s a genius idea or a terrible one. Perhaps it’s both at once. We’ve had the rainbow latte, we’ve had the candyfloss coffee, we’ve had the avocado latte – and now, coffee flavoured bacon has hit the shelves in a popular budget supermarket. Honestly, we don’t really know what to think.

Does coffee flavoured bacon make the perfect breakfast?

We’re not denying that coffee and bacon can make great partners for breakfast. After all, many people’s idea of a perfect start to the weekend is tucking into a full fry up with a couple of mugs of their favourite brew. What we’re not so sure about, though, is whether combining two admittedly great things into one single thing is going to end well or not.

Is coffee flavoured bacon just a trend?

There’s no news yet on what it does to the flavour and whether or not you can actually taste the coffee. If the meat has a strong coffee taste then we can’t imagine it’s going to work well. If the coffee lends a slightly darker colour and a subtle sweetness though, then it could be a genius idea.

We think on the whole that we’ll be keeping our coffee and our bacon separate on the breakfast table – just call us old-fashioned traditionalists! We think that good quality coffee and bacon don’t need any improvement, they’re both pretty good by themselves. To find our more about our range of top quality coffee beans and ground coffee, all available to buy online at great wholesale prices, just take a look at our main web page at We’ve got coffee accessories and tea, too – and absolutely no bacon!