Coffee Shop Window Displays

When setting up a coffee shop the first thing you think of is probably not the window display. The smell of fresh roasted coffee beans, yes. The idea of roasting green coffee beans to perfection, potentially yes (if you want to roast yourself). Splendid freshly brewed coffee, most certainly yes.

When people set up coffee shops they usually reckon that the best way to get patrons is to have patrons in the shop already. That’s the best window display – large windows that show the ambiance of the place and the people in it. How to get people in there? A big sign outside with some special deal, or temptation, the waft of freshly brewed coffee and potentially some freshly baked cakes too, and decent pricing, really great ambiance, and excellent treatment once you walk in the door. This might work, but by ignoring the windows altogether, you are missing out a great way of attracting potential customers.

If you have two windows you can definitively keep one as a “keyhole” where people can look to see what the people are doing inside. The other can be used for window displays, or you can simply keep the lower part of the window free all the way along the front of the coffee shop.

Window displays are your outlet for creativity and for coming up with little gimmicks that will attract attention – whether through extreme beauty, creativity, humor, or shock. What you have to bear in mind is to keep the display in style with the coffee shop, just like the decor of the place has to match the menu. In other words: don’t do neon lights in your window display if the rest of the place represents an 18th century style salon.

Next time you are in town have a look at various shops and their window displays – note what attracts you to some, and what makes you step away from others! Below you can find some inspiration for fall decorations, albeit you might have to add some coffee beans to yours. And the smell of freshly brewed coffee…

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