Coffee lovers prefer to make their own brew

Have you ever accepted someone’s offer to make you a cup of coffee and wished you hadn’t? While you might appreciate the gesture, the coffee itself might be less welcome – particularly if it’s too milky, too sweet or over or under brewed.

Coffee drinks are fussy, according to new study

A new study commissioned by a major Italian coffee company found that of the 2,000 participants just under half would be reluctant to let anyone else make them a coffee. The actual concern varied, with some worried the finished drink would be too weak and others that it would be too strong. A surprisingly large 14 per cent even worried about the mug it would be presented in! Other factors included the amount of sugar, temperature and the type of coffee – i.e. instant or beans. Of those surveyed, around 300 people considered themselves to be expert coffee makers and to be able to deliver the perfect brew.

First cup of the day is the most importanty

Participants were particularly keen to make the first cup of the day themselves, as it has to be perfect. Almost one fifth of those asked wouldn’t even trust their other half to make the morning coffee, and a similar number wouldn’t rely on their boss to get it right. Around 14 per cent have even argued with someone over a cup of coffee they judged to be not up to scratch.
Around a fifth of participants use a bean to cup machine to get the perfect brew, while a surprisingly high number (73 per cent) were happy to settle for instant.

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