Coffee = Love

“In Turkey, husbands were once required during their wedding vows to promise always to provide their wives with coffee and failure to do so could be used as grounds for divorce.” …if only marriage was that easy – all you needed to provide was coffee! Then again, there are ways of using coffee as a gift of love…All that stops you from turning coffee into love is a lack of inspiration, but as we are drinking so much coffee we got really inspired and came up with some nice, loving ideas!

Here are five ideas of how to use coffee as a gift of love:

1)      Make your loved one a body scrub using coffee (recipe can be found in one of our previous blogs) and scrub them down in true Moroccan style. Nothing better than moving the hammam to your own house!

2)      Serve coffee in bed. What’s more romantic than having someone spoil you to breakfast in bed?

3)      Bake a chocolate cake for desert and serve it with a cappuccino, or espresso. This combination has got to be one of the best aphrodisiacs in town. All the feel good chemical released might make you want to stay up all night!

4)      Is your other half a coffee lover? Why not take them to Italy for some real espresso and true romance? Italy has inspired lovers since what seems the dawn of eternity. Why not go to what is said to be Juliet’s old balcony, or Venice?

5)      If someone truly love coffee why not fuse their love for coffee with your love for them? Make them a coffee hamper. Fill it with the finest beans, chocolate and espresso cookies, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate bonbons and a book about coffee?