Coffee Inspired Holidays & Vacation Spots

If you consider yourself a coffee lover you probably try to sneak in as much coffee as possible to your life. And not only in the form of freshly brewed cups of coffee to indulge in, but also ice cream, alcoholic drinks and other desserts that have coffee flavour (do you know that you can cook regular meals with coffee as well? Apparently soaking your beef in coffee works great as a tenderizer…). In addition to this there’s coffee inspired art and even paintings made with coffee. Of course there’s also the books, the coffee shops you need to visit and all the gadgets you need to buy…like that brand new espresso machine, or French press… You can actually take it further than this though and go on a coffee inspired vacation. If you love coffee, what better way to spend a holiday than at a coffee farm, or visiting a city where the world’s best coffee is served?

Brazil isn’t just home of one of the greatest carnivals on earth, but also a lot of coffee farms. A lot, a lot! You can combine a visit to the carnival with several visits to coffee plantations. You even have the option of going horseback riding through them!

One place to visit for a splendid coffee vacation is Nicaragua. This Latin American country has a lot to offer its visitors, not least the beautiful mountainous Matagalpa region where coffee is grown. There you can stay in eco-lodges and combine an environmentally friendly (minus the flying) vacation with some great coffee tasting.

Kona coffee is a very rare variety as it is only grown in Hawaii and the islands aren’t particularly big. It is also the only coffee grown in the USA. Of course when visiting Hawaii there are many other wonderful things to do such as watching the whales, visiting the rainforest and going surfing – after all it’s surfer’s paradise.

Italy. What can we say? Home of the espresso and definitively worth visiting for many other reasons also. There is stunning history to be found in Rome and the natural beauty of Tuscany. There’s romance in Venice and enough pasta in every town to make your mouth water!