Coffee Inspiration in the Cup

We went in search of more coffeisms, inspirational and funny coffee quotes and anything else coffe-esque. This is what we found:

I like big cups and I cannot lie. (Really depends on what coffee you put in them! Good quality coffee beans please.)

Coffee is not just a beverage. It’s a cup of liquid sanity. (We couldn’t agree more. If we wrote something weird, clearly we didn’t have enough coffee that day. Had a good day? Take credit. Had a bad day? Blame it on the coffee…or lack thereof.)

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If you like coffee as much as we do, you probably had a giggle at these! And if you like coffee as much as we do you’d probably also want to buy coffee from us, right?! After all we sell some of the best coffee beans on the planet! Fresh roasted coffee beans, green coffee beans, ground coffee beans…coffee beans all round. As someone really clever said: Good coffee smells like freshly ground heaven. Amen.