Coffee hydrotherapy

coffee-beansYou may think you know everything about drinking coffee, but now there’s another way of getting your caffeine. Hydrotherapy – a non-chemical way of washing out the intestines and colon with warm water – has been known for thousands of years, and many modern hydrotherapists are now offering the treatment with various additions to the water, including different herbs and…

Hydrotherapy practitioners say it’s a safe way of removing a build up of toxins in the colon and giving you more energy, and it can apparently also help calm intestinal problems and bloating. Modern lifestyles such as the use of chemical cleaners and pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in food mean that we’re more prone to allergies and intolerances than ever before, and toxins can accumulate in the liver, making you feel tired and sluggish.

Coffee is said to be particularly effective at cleansing the liver and colon, reducing pain and helping with nervous tension. It’s also said to have astringent purposes, as well as mechanically cleaning out toxic substances, and stimulating the colon without irritating the stomach, making it ideal for people who have a low tolerance to caffeine.

Fans of the process claim it makes them feel lighter and more relaxed as well as more energetic, and the treatment can help to kick start a period of convalescence or a diet. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, always consult your GP before trying any new treatments, and use a registered practitioner.

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