Coffee games to play at home

We’re all in need of a bit of cheering up at the moment, so we’ve put together some coffee games for you to try. You may end up improving your coffee knowledge, or you may just end up drinking lots of great coffee – either way, it’s a win/win! Here we go:

Game 1 – full of beans. You’ll need two players for this one, so you can either co-opt another member of your household or play virtually with a friend. You’ll also need four completely different coffees, such as our sample pack of beans – try and pick different roasts and origins. Label four identical cups or mugs with a sticker on the bottom. Brew each of the samples using the same method, and mix up the mugs without looking at them. Then, try to guess the origin and roast. If you’re not a coffee afficionado, then just try and guess the continent – if you have a friend who thinks he knows his beans, then challenge him to guess the country or even the region. Player with the most correct answers wins.

Game 2 – around the world in 7 coffees. This one’s less of a game and more of a challenge! As we’re all limited on travel at the moment, the aim is to travel virtually around the world via coffee specialities. Nominate a country every day for a week (France, Italy, Vietnam, Turkey, USA) and brew a traditional coffee from that country to enjoy. Try café au lait, cappuccino, ca phe, traditional Turkish and more.

Game 3 – the right note. As all coffee lovers know, different blends of coffee have different top notes, including floral, chocolate, fruit, nuts, citrus and more. This one is a variation on game 1 – but instead of matching the coffee to the country, you have to choose which flavour belongs to which blend! Set up the cups as in game 1, and write down the predominant flavour note for each blend. Then, see if you can match them up using your sense of taste alone. The player who gets the most right answers wins.
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