Coffee fest: how to brew the perfect cup on the move

It’s festival season, and if you’re a fan of live music you’re probably already pulling your sleeping bag out of storage and shaking the spiders out. If you’re also a fan of real coffee, though, you might be worrying about how you’re going to get your espresso fix in the middle of a field. Well, the good news is that festival food and drink has improved immeasurably over the years, and now it’s just as possible to get a latte at Latitude as a cappuccino at Creamfields. If you’re a coffee aficionado, though, best not to leave anything to chance. Here’s our guide to how to brew up, festival-style.

First, choose your coffee. For convenience, it’s probably best to take pre-roasted and pre-ground beans. Remember to take a measure along so you can get the dose right.

Next, boil your water. Most campsites don’t allow cooking on open fires, so you’ll need a reliable Primus stove. If you’ve got the space, a camping kettle is much better than a saucepan and will boil in around three to five minutes.

Finally, choose your brew method – and this is where it gets complicated. Simplest is a cafetiere, which is pretty foolproof and will allow you to make several cups at once if you’re in a group. It is, however, fragile and quite bulky to pack and risks getting broken during the event. Next to try is a stovetop espresso maker. Made of metal, these are light and robust and will stand the pace of festival life, but the quantities tend to be on the small side. Finally, you can go high tech and invest in a mini espresso machine, which uses professional-standard pressure to deliver the perfect single espresso shot.

You might be on your own when it comes to finding fresh milk, though…..

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