Coffee fads: could this be the world’s strongest coffee?

More crazy coffee news from (have you guessed it? That’s right) Australia. From the country that brought us the avo-latte, the carrot-cino and the flat white (OK, that last one might have been a good idea) comes what could be the world’s strongest cup of coffee. Invented ‘for fun’ but available to brave customers, the drink, named the ‘Adelaide Asskicker’, contains 80 times more caffeine than a standard cup of coffee.

It’s made up from four espresso shots, 120ml of cold brew coffee (where the beans were left to steep for 10 days), and eight coffee ice cubes (made from cold brew coffee where the beans were left to steep for 48 hours). Phew! Each ice cube alone is thought to contain caffeine equivalent to two espresso shots. The owner of the Viscous Cafe, who invented the drink, advises that it should be drunk very slowly over a three to four hour period, and the resulting caffeine buzz may take several hours to wear off. He says he put the super-coffee together on request for a shift-working nurse who needed to keep awake. The drink is now on the menu, but comes with a health warning that customers should drink it at their own risk.

While we like a nice strong cup of coffee as much – if not more – than the next person, we won’t be advocating putting a week’s worth of caffeine in a cup and drinking it all at once! We believe coffee should be savoured, so that’s why we’re committed to tracking down the best quality beans and roasting and grinding them ourselves to maintain quality control. To browse our range of top quality coffee beans and coffee accessories, all available at great wholesale prices and suitable for every commercial coffee business, visit our main website at