Coffee fads: the ‘dry cappuccino’

Move over, avocado coffee, rainbow latte, unicorn mochas and cannabis coffee – there’s a new trend in town. We do love a good coffee trend, and this one is even weirder than usual.

Coffee aficionados can now order a ‘dry cappuccino’ if they’re feeling extra pretentious – and we’re not sure whether it’s like a dry shampoo or a dry white wine. Freeze dried coffee, perhaps, with all the liquid removed? Er…wouldn’t that just be instant coffee?

Apparently, a ‘dry cappuccino’ resembles a regular one in that it’s composed of steamed milk, foamed milk and espresso. A dry cappuccino just has them in different proportions, that’s all. It features the same over all quantities of coffee and milk, but the proportions of foamed milk and steamed milk are different – less steamed milk, and more foamed. Just to confuse you even more, you can also order a ‘wet’ cappuccino (yep, we thought all coffees were wet, too), which is pretty much the opposite – more steamed milk, and just a thin layer of foamed milk. So the adjectives ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ are really just referring to the quantities of steamed milk in the drink, which is less interested than it first sounds. We’re not sure if it would actually make any difference to the taste, either, as you have the same proportions of milk and coffee overall.

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