Coffee fads: coffee you can see through

Image: Pixabay

Every time we think we’ve really heard it all in the world of coffee, something else comes along to prove us wrong. A Slovakian inventor and heavy coffee drinker, David Nagy, was so concerned with coffee potentially staining his teeth that he came up with a brand new invention – clear coffee, which he claims uses a unique brewing process. The inventor spent several months developing the product, now marketed as ClearCoffee (Clrcff), and launched a Crowdfunding initiative to help him bring it to market.   Rather than a traditional cup of coffee, the finished commercial product looks more like a soft drink, as it’s sold in a bottle and designed to be drunk cold.

Mr. Nagy said that his inspiration was to ‘Create a product that would grab everyone’s attention,’ and came up with the idea while he was living and working in the UK and saw how important coffee was to UK culture. A standard 200ml serving of the drink apparently contains as much caffeine as a cappuccino (usually around 12.83 mgs per 100 ml), and has no sweeteners or artificial additives. Although the exact brewing process is a closely guarded secret, we’d guess that it possibly washes the caffeine from the beans in a similar way to decaffeination as ‘natural’ caffeine is then added back into the drink.

According to Mr. Nagy, the product has a unique taste and aroma and there are no chemicals used in the brewing process. The result is a drink which is low in calories and contains nothing but Arabica coffee beans, natural caffeine and water.

It’s certainly true that coffee in large quantities can stain your teeth, as tooth enamel has microscopic areas of roughness that can harbour tiny particles of food and drink. Alternating coffee with drinking a glass of water can help to prevent these particles from remaining on your teeth long enough to stain, as can regular brushing and dental care.

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