Coffee fads: coffee in a cone

Image: Pixabay

Compared to other recent coffee fads, such as coffee served in an avocado shell (really, we’re not making it up), this one seems almost tame. In fact, it’s not really a coffee fad at all, more a coffee cup fad. While it’s certainly environmentally responsible to use a non-plastic container for your coffee, we think this might be taking it too far!

The newest trend in Johannesburg, South Africa, is for coffee in a cone. That’s a waffle ice-cream cone. Dubbed ‘the most Intagrammable coffee trend yet’, it consists of a waffle cone lined with dark and milk chocolate and filled with latte coffee, decorated with a heart. It certainly looks pretty, and would create an instant mocha if that’s your thing. Would you really have time to drink it before it leaked, though? How would you manage to put it down in you wanted to, and what about drinking it on the tube? It was invented by The Coffee Grind Company, who invented special cones with four layers of chocolate, each with different cocoa percentages to help show down the melting process. Once poured, you’ve only got a few minutes to down your coffee before the ‘cup’ leaks. ‘Coffee in a cone’ became an instant hit on Instagram when it was first launched, with photos being shared a million times. We’re not sure that this is a trend that’s here to stay, though – we still think mugs are probably more practical, particularly if you’re at work!

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