Coffee fads: candyfloss coffee

We’re always on the lookout for the latest coffee fad – not because we want to follow suit, but because they make us smile! After all, when something’s as perfect as a good cup of coffee, why try and improve it? The rise of social media platform Instagram has a lot of answer for, with users posting pictures of rainbow coffee, coffee mixed with turmeric or green matcha powder. The latest ‘innovation’, though, comes from Shanghai, China. A café has paired up the very childish treat of candyfloss with the very adult treat of coffee. They’re offering a cup of coffee with a cloud of candyfloss suspended over it on a sort of metal rack. The idea is that as the heat from the coffee melts the candyfloss it drops little drips of sugary sweetness into your coffee. It’s called ‘Sweet Little Rain’ coffee, and it’s currently big on Instagram.

It’s more expensive than a regular cuppa, currently priced at around 58 Chinese yen or £6. And it does look interesting – but if you’re a coffee purist like us, we can’t help wondering if it’s actually adding anything to the drink, other than an undefinable amount of sugar. It doesn’t look that controllable, either – surely all that candyfloss would melt over the cup, spoon, saucer and table rather than being confined to your cup? We’re not sure it’s worth the effort of all the wet wipes you’d have to use afterwards!

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